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Monday, September 13, 2010


Here is an exerpt from the book by Audrey Tourney and the Aspen Valley Beavers:
Beaver Tales
Over the years I have known many beavers.  Some have come to the Sanctuary as very small kits, orphaned and cold and hungry.  Some have come as adults, injured, often angry. Mine has been the privilege of giving them the care they have required, and then, in most cases, returning them to the wild where they can live free, natural lives.  These are the experiences I would like to share with you. (p. 9)

Beavers play among themselves. They wrestle, arms on each other's shoulders, feet against the other's chest, they push. The objet seems to be to topple your adversary backwards, sidewards or simply down.  The escape is to dodge under the other fellow's arm when you can.  The teeth, which could be dangerous weapons if the fight were serious, do not come into play at all.  (p.77)

 I have always had a special concern for beavers.  Because I was raised on a farm , their presence was a constant preoccupation.  Although they were wonderful animals, they had to be managed so as not to spoil the spring of pure water that was our source of drinking water.  They had to be kept at bay so they did not flood the cultivated fields.  But, they presence brought joy when we spotted then doing their daily activities.  They were part of our entourage.

I want to recommend to you a children story that my husband wrote about beavers for our grandchildren.  We hope you will like it as much as they have.  It is one of many on his site:

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