Stories to entertain. Stories to educate. Stories to delight young and old. Stories to share with loved ones. Here is a collection short stories and poems. They are meant to entertain and delight children of all ages. Their educational value is an asset for primary school teachers in the pedagogical aspect of their lesson preparation. They will offer parents and grandparents an opportunity to share precious moments with their loved ones.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Anatole goes on an Errand

Anatole lived in a remote village and had never seen a monkey.

One day, his mother, la fermière, asked Anatole to deliver a basket of fresh fruits to the local chateau.

Comtesse Césarie, of Chateau Raymond, was very fond of such delicacies. She was old, somewhat original and not very pretty. She had as a companion a little monkey that she dressed as a small child. Coco wore matching pants and vest of blue velour and an elegant red casquette decorated with golden tassels.

And so, off went Anatole. Once at the chateau, a servant opened the massive oak door and Anatole was invited to wait in the large entrance. It was then that he saw Coco on a chair. Anatole assumed that Coco was one of the small Masters of the chateau.

Anatole put the fruit basket on the table. The monkey started to eat the figs at once. At that very moment, Comtesse Césarie entered.

“ Madame” said the boy very politely “ I am bringing you a basket of pears and apples from my mother Marianna. She has added a few figs, but…”

“Where are the figs?” asked the elderly lady who enjoyed figs most of all.

Anatole scratched his head wondering if he should reply or not. Finally he ventured,” Your son ate them.”

Madame Césarie started to laugh. She called Coco who jumped upon her shoulder. When Anatole saw the long tail running down la Comtesse’s arm, he realized that the creature was an animal. He was very confused and knew he had made a faux pas.

“Coco, my little monkey”, added la Comtesse, “ thank this nice boy for his wonderful gift.”

Coco made a little dance and hopped on Anatole’s shoulder. It was a visit that all would remember for a long time.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daniel Loves Candies

It's time for bed.

Mother puts Daniel to bed and returns to her chores.

A few minutes later, a little voice says, " Mom, may I have a candy, please? "

" Go to sleep Dan, it's not time for treats, " replies his Mother.

All is calm and silent for a while. Then one hears, "Mom, just a small piece of chocolate, if you would."

" Daniel, I told you to go to sleep. If you call again, I shall go and pull your toes. "


Then again, the small voice whispers, " Dear Mother, when you come to pull my toes, please bring me a candy."