Stories to entertain. Stories to educate. Stories to delight young and old. Stories to share with loved ones. Here is a collection short stories and poems. They are meant to entertain and delight children of all ages. Their educational value is an asset for primary school teachers in the pedagogical aspect of their lesson preparation. They will offer parents and grandparents an opportunity to share precious moments with their loved ones.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hector and his Dog

Hector is a charming eight-year-old boy. In class he is very attentive and studious- and successful.

At the end of the school year, his parents give him a lovely dog. Caramel is a golden Labrador.

Hector and Caramel fast become inseparable friends. All summer they spend their time together. They are seen at the Old Mill Park playing ball, jumping, and running. In fact, having a very happy time. Hector laughs and Caramel wags his tail.

On other days, Caramel accompanies Hector on fishing excursions. Along the shore of Blue-Sea Creek, they spent hours waiting for the specked trout to bite. Life could not be better.

In September classes resume. Hector sadly goes back to school. All day Caramel waits for his play companion to return home. For both Hector and Caramel the day is very long.

Even though it is very hard continuing to be a model student, Hector applies himself. After all, Caramel and the perfect summer were the rewards of his diligence.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cry Baby

Swallow is a little girl. She is five years old. She is usually well behaved. But today she is disobedient.

And so, to punish her, her mother has sent her to her room until she is ready to apologize and behave.

For the past hour, we can hear Swallow crying. Sometimes it’s loud and sometimes one can barely hear it.

After a while, the crying stops.

“So, you are no longer pouting? You are done with your crying?” Asks her mother.

Quite flustered by these questions, Swallow relies in a rough voice, “NO, I am not done, I am just taking a break!”

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Julia is Afraid

One evening after sundown, Julia goes to her room to get her favorite doll Lulu. The lights are not turned on in the upstairs hall and bedrooms.

Julia is very hesitant … She does not feel very brave entering the dark bedroom. Nevertheless she advances very slowly.

As she proceeds into the room, she sees two eyes glowing in the dark, at the floor level. Julia is now very afraid and shouts, “ Mama! Mama!”

But before her mother can come to her, something very soft and fluffy rubs against her legs…. Julia suddenly recognizes the familiar feel of her little kitten’s fur.

Julia picks up Fluff Ball in her arms and cuddles him. “My precious kitty, you did give me a fright.”

“Meow, meow,” replies Fluff Ball.

All is forgotten in the warm embrace: Lulu the doll, the darkness and the fright.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Golden Button

Golden Button is a pretty chick with fluffy yellow down. He is adorably cute but very disobedient.

Often he wanders off while his brothers and sisters are taking a nap. Mother Hen notices and calls, “ Cot Cot Cot. Golden Button where are you. Come back now. You could be in danger… Come back. Cot Cot Cot.”

Golden Button lends a deaf ear. He goes off and does not answer his mother’s caution to come back to the safety of the henhouse. He adores his delinquent adventures.

One day, on such an outing, he meets Mister Fox who greets him with a warm and mellow voice. “ Button, Golden Button. It seems you enjoy stimulating adventures? Well, come with me. I will show you things that are rare and amusing.”

Golden Button is so happy with the invitation that without further thought, he follows Mister Fox. They walk for a long, long, L O N G time. Golden Button is getting very tired. He now wants to return to the henhouse, to his Mother Hen. The sun is slowly disappearing on the horizon. The air is getting cooler and night is falling. It is late. IT IS TOO LATE!

Mister Fox grabs Golden Button and in a bite or two he is gone. Fox licks his chops with his long pink tongue happy to have lured this silly chick from the protection of his Mother. With little effort he has made quite a feast.

Back at the henhouse, Mother Hen calls and calls “ Cot, Cot, Cot Golden Button it is time to come home.”


Mother Hen will never, never see her Golden Button again.