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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun Mural with Scraps


1. About 20 feet of brown wrapping paper.
2. Wheat paste mixed in small containers (one for each child).
3. Newspapers.
4. Big and little scraps of color paper, tissue paper, bits of cloth, photos, pictures from magazines, string, etc...


1. On the floor, place newspaper under the edge of the mural paper. Have ample space so children can walk around mural.
2. Children spread paste with their hands on the mural (brown wrapping paper).
3. All children, with a bunch of scraps, walk around the mural laying contrasting colors, shapes and materials down here and there.
4. More paste is added to mural and the laying of new scraps in done until the entire area has been pleasingly covered.
5. The whole mural is abstract in accidental design.

Time: 30 minutes

6. Let dry thoroughly before varnishing