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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Parrot

A very old lady named Gertrude lived long ago in an old hut near a small town. Life was very slow and quiet for her. She nevertheless had a few special friends, a yellow cat named Garfield, a black dog named Snoopy and a multicolored parrot named Rainbow.

One morning she heard a knock at the door. It was a vagrant asking for something to eat. Of course, Madame Gertrude gave him a slice of homemade rye bread and a wedge of cheddar cheese. But the stranger did not find the meal to his liking, became angry and forced his way into the house.

Poor Madame Gertrude was so afraid that she did not dare move.

At that very moment Rainbow cried out, “ Help! Help Uncle Tom!”
Snoopy started to bark and Garfield meowed very loudly.

The vagrant thought that a child was calling out to its uncle. And so to avoid being chased away and possibly punished for his actions, he fled out the door and ran down the country road as fast as his legs could carry him.

Madame Gertrude was so pleased with her companions’ wise intervention that she gave Rainbow, Garfield and Snoopy the breakfast she had offered the stranger.
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gotch ya!

One day, Felix the cat said to Fido the dog, "Where have you been all day?"

Fido replied, " I spent the entire day in the pasture watching the cows. There was a lot to do. Old Browny wanted to eat the neighbor's oats and I had to keep a constant watch so she would not wander over there. I'm telling you, if I was a cow, I would be content to eat what is given me. I would not try to taste someone else's fare."

" If you were a cow", replied Felix," you would do as Browny does I am sure."

" No," said Fido," it is wrong to take what is not ours."

" NO?" interjected Felix. "What of the juicy ham that you took from the pantry last week?"

Fido lowed his head and did not reply.

" For my part", continued Felix," I never steal. Every day I hunt and catch mice and rats for my meals."

Fido now laughed and asked Felix, " Then what were you doing in the jar of fresh cream the other day?"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Man’s Best Friend

Julio Perez, a shepherd, lived in the mountains with his flock. As a companion he had his faithful dog Fidel. This German Shepherd was kind to the sheep, obedient to his master and always on alert to possible danger.

If, by chance, a sheep should wander off from the group, Fidel would seek it out and bring in back to the fold. If a young lamb became too tired, Fidel would nudge his Master, who would then carry the lamb.

At sundown, the German Shepherd would lead the flock to the shelter and Julio would count the sheep before securing the gate and retiring for the night.

One evening, Signor Perez missed out on the count. He did not notice that a lamb had hid behind the gate.

Young and innocent, Baba had dreamt of green pastures in the moonlight, of frolicking on the mountain under a canopy of stars. Finally, his chance was here. Under the spell of the moon, he danced and ran up to the high meadows.

Suddenly, a huge black cloud hid the moon…. Everything was pitch black. Without moonlight to guide him, the lamb lost its way. He hit a rock, hurt his leg and fell in a ravine. “Baa, baa”, he cried. “Come and help me”.

But Julio was far away and did not hear. Fidel could not hear either. But Wolf heard! He was on the lookout for a nice supper. “Lamb would be good”, he thought. He ran in that direction.

Before sleeping, Fidel would make a last round of the flock to make sure all were there. That night, he noticed that one lamb was missing. He ran to his master’s house and pulled hard on the sleeve of his shirt until Julio realized that something was very wrong.

And so Julio followed Fidel. Up the mountain they went at a running pace. From afar they heard the faint sound of Baba. But they also heard the howling of Wolf. On they went as fast as they could.

Wolf was almost at the ravine when he heard Fidel bark and smelled human presence. Fearing dog and man, he decided to change the menu for his supper. He disappeared into the forest.

Baba was saved. He returned to his mother and the safety of the flock under the watchful eye of Fidel.

Baba never wandered alone again.

Julio and Fidel shared many long years of companionship in the green pastures of the high Sierras.
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The Walnut

While playing underneath a walnut tree, Christian and Patrick found a large walnut.

"It is mine", said Christian, " I saw it first. "

"No", replied Patrick, "it is mine, for I picked it up."

This started a quarrel between the two friends. Each wanted to have the nut; both were risking their friendship.

"I will help you reach an amiable solution," said M. White, a neighbor, as he was passing by.

Standing between the two boys, he opened the walnut in two pieces. "Here is a shell for you Patrick and here is a shell for you Christian. As for the nut, I will keep it. It is the price of the advice I have given you."

As he walked away a smiling, M. White added: "It is good that you learn at an early age that most disputes end up this way. The desired prize ends up in the hands of others."

Food for thought:

1. Was the prize worth the price?

2. Does this story remind you of King Solomon’s judgment in the Old Testament?

3. What was the real prize that Christian and Patrick almost lost because of the quarrel over the walnut?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Tulip Festival

Ottawa the capital of Canada is in bloom in the month of May.

It is time for the annual Tulip Festival.

Tulips come in many varieties and many colors.

I invite you to draw one or many tulips and send your masterpiece to me at:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hugs & Kisses

Yesterday was Mothers' Day.

It was a very important day for me. I was invited to go camping with two of my daughters and their families.

Of course, I love camping. The fresh air, the camp fire, the tasty BBQ make it a grand occasion.

My two grand children were very thoughtful. From school they brought special cards they had made in art class. They had some for their mother and some for me. I was also presented with a bouquet of red roses.

But best of all, I received many Hugs & Kisses. It seems I can never get enough of those. They warm up my heart.

Once home, I received phone call from my 2 other daughters and their family. With IChat, we had a video conversation from Houston with another grandson. It was the first time he saw us on the screen. Our three year old was very excited and so were we. More Hugs & Kisses.

By the time we talked to daughter number four her sons were in bed. Of course they are still very young. But I could feel more Hugs & Kisses coming my way.

What a lucky grandmother am I!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Dream

One morning a man woke up and told his wife about the dream he had during the night.

“Four rats”, he said, “ came towards me, one after the other. The first one was big and fat, the two next ones were quite thin and the last rat was blind.”

The man was very troubled by this dream. He remembered people saying that rats were bad omens. Yet, neither he nor his wife could find meaning to this mysterious dream.

Their young son overheard their conversation. Like Joseph of the Bible, he attempted to interpret the dream for the modern Pharaoh.

“ Le big fat rat”, he told his father, “ is the owner of the Casino where you stop every night after work and where you leave all your hard earned money. The two thin rats represent Mother and I, who do not have what we need to have a comfortable life. And the blind rat is you. ”

Friday, May 9, 2008


Inouk is a young Husky. He is quite a loveable fur ball all white and black. As a household pet he enjoys being fed and pampered. He does not have to look for his next meal. In fact, he expects having food always at his disposal.

One evening, Andrew, the young boy fills his bowl with rich, creamy milk. Inouk drinks half of it and falls asleep beside his bowl on the floor of the patio.

While Inouk is fast asleep, Lili the mouse comes out of a hole in the wall of the tool shed and quickly laps every drop of milk that Inouk spilt on the tile floor.

The noise wakes Inouk who wants to catch this uninvited quest. But Lili is much faster than the dog. She disappears into the hole in the wall. Inouk decides to stand guard near the hole and wait for Lili to reappear.

Meanwhile, Mefisto the cat returning from his daily roaming enters the patio and seeing the bowl half full with milk assumes it is for him and drinks it all.

When Inouk finally gives up on Lili and returns to his bowl he realizes he has lost mouse and milk.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Lazy Gardener

Sir Charles Bouvier, the Master of a great southern antebellum estate has a very lazy gardener named Lewis.

One day, looking at the garden hedge, Sir Charles notices that it needs to be trimmed. He therefore calls Lewis to do the job. “Lewis! Lewis!” he shouts. But no one answers.

Sir Charles sets out to find the gardener. He looks in the gardens, he looks in the sheds, he looks in the barns, he looks in the greenhouses, and he looks in the wine cellar. Nowhere can he find Lewis.

As a last resort, Sir Charles ventures to the edge of the forest. There, under the branches of a great oak tree, he finds Lewis fast asleep.

The Master is very angry. He reprimands the gardener by telling him, “ You are not worthy that the SUN should shine upon you.”

And Lewis replies, “That is why Master that I am in the shade.”

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Talking Machine

Bubba is a talking machine. He reminds all of the talking heads on the sport network.

In his presence, no one can get a word in or have a serious conversation. He interrupts and blabbers on about all and nothing. A talking machine!

During the dinner one night, while the family is again being bombarded by Bubba’s chatter, Rex, the family dog, starts to bark nonstop. Bubba interjects impatiently: “ Dad, that dog is terribly annoying. I cannot hear myself talk. Can we not get rid of Rex?”

Father replies: “If we got rid of everyone who annoys others in this house, Rex would not be the only one to leave.”

Bubba’s brothers and sisters laugh. Bubba’s face becomes as red as a cherry.

For once the talking machine has nothing to say.

What’s That Noise?

Frédric is a four years old boy.

One night he cannot fall asleep. He has the hiccups.

He is surprised by the movement of his torso and especially by the noise. And so he asks his father, “ Papa, what is making this noise?”

“You have the hiccups, my boy.” replies his father.

“Why?” questions Frédric.

“ I suppose because you are growing.” reassures Papa.

The next morning, Frédric awakens in the best of humors. He cannot wait to tell his sister Fauve, “You know I grew last night. I could tell by the noise it makes.”

Hic! Cup! Hic! Cup! Hic! Cup!