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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Walnut

While playing underneath a walnut tree, Christian and Patrick found a large walnut.

"It is mine", said Christian, " I saw it first. "

"No", replied Patrick, "it is mine, for I picked it up."

This started a quarrel between the two friends. Each wanted to have the nut; both were risking their friendship.

"I will help you reach an amiable solution," said M. White, a neighbor, as he was passing by.

Standing between the two boys, he opened the walnut in two pieces. "Here is a shell for you Patrick and here is a shell for you Christian. As for the nut, I will keep it. It is the price of the advice I have given you."

As he walked away a smiling, M. White added: "It is good that you learn at an early age that most disputes end up this way. The desired prize ends up in the hands of others."

Food for thought:

1. Was the prize worth the price?

2. Does this story remind you of King Solomon’s judgment in the Old Testament?

3. What was the real prize that Christian and Patrick almost lost because of the quarrel over the walnut?

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I’m a Big Boy Now

Matthew is six years old. His Mother buys him a two-piece suit like his father’s. Matthew looks like a little man. He thinks he is one too.

He will not play with Julia, his young sister. "She is just a baby!"

At mealtime, Matthew eats what his Father eats. And all day, he follows his Dad around and imitates him. What joy he takes in doing so; what a wonderful feeling to feel so manly.

When it's time for bed, his Mother tells him, "Tonight Matthew, you will go to bed by yourself." Matthew has big tears in his eyes and starts to sob. With his hands over his face he admits, "I think I am still a little boy. I am not all grown-up yet."

Mother puts him to bed with Hugs & Kisses.
Matthew is not a man yet, but he is a much wiser little boy.

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