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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hector and his Dog

Hector is a charming eight-year-old boy. In class he is very attentive and studious- and successful.

At the end of the school year, his parents give him a lovely dog. Caramel is a golden Labrador.

Hector and Caramel fast become inseparable friends. All summer they spend their time together. They are seen at the Old Mill Park playing ball, jumping, and running. In fact, having a very happy time. Hector laughs and Caramel wags his tail.

On other days, Caramel accompanies Hector on fishing excursions. Along the shore of Blue-Sea Creek, they spent hours waiting for the specked trout to bite. Life could not be better.

In September classes resume. Hector sadly goes back to school. All day Caramel waits for his play companion to return home. For both Hector and Caramel the day is very long.

Even though it is very hard continuing to be a model student, Hector applies himself. After all, Caramel and the perfect summer were the rewards of his diligence.

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