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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Rabbit or a Hare

This morning I saw a rabbit underneath my window.
He was hopping from shrub to shrub with great precaution
I guess he feared for his safety…. It was dog walking time!
I watched as he did his morning rounds. I kept hoping no dog or cat would disturb his outing.
It was a brown rabbit. My Daddy told me it was a hare… a wild rabbit.
These cute little furry animals live in the woods or near civilization , but are not household pets.
In wintertime, my Daddy said, these hares change from brown to white.

BUT! I replied, it’s wintertime now.
OOPS … Since we are in Florida and not in Canada or Northern USA, I guess that rule does not apply.
Soon it will be Easter. The time of the year when white rabbits are very popular.

I feel special this time… I have a little brown bunny who visits me every morning during my holiday in Florida.
It is now asleep underneath a shrub. I will keep watch over it from afar. MY NEW FRIEND.